Agustina Cervera is an entrepreneur from Argentina based in New York City.  She moved to the NYC in 2010 after graduating as an architect from the University of Architecture, Planning and Design in Rosario, Argentina. With a stroke of luck and an indomitable spirit to prevail, she found an opportunity at Currimbhoy & Co., a Design & Architecture firm based in New York City. The firm developed projects both in India and the US, giving the budding architect a taste for international markets and well-rounded knowledge of the real estate ecosystem in the main metropolitan areas in the US.

Thereafter, she joined VAMOS Architects where she was the lead designer for many distinctive commercial projects for widely-known brands such Diane Von Furstenberg (offices and retail store in the Meatpacking District), Harbor Picture Company (offices and theater in Soho), among others.

In 2015, she founded, Spear Head, an architecture and design firm that has carved out a niche in a highly competitive industry by making inroads and establishing themselves as the go-to firm in up-and-coming urban areas such as BedStuy, Bushwick, among others. Agustina’s work is in high demand all over the city, but it is in Brooklyn where she has made her mark developing projects that are best known for their minimalistic, industrial and organic aesthetic that aims to work cohesively with the essence of the community and enhance its richness, not replace it. She views her work as creations carried out because the community is willing to make space for it and therefore embrace it. Spear Head is young, light and flexible.

How does she do it? In her own words “I make a point to collaborate with new talent as equals and motivate them to think outside the box, to be brave and creative in the use of materials to push established boundaries. Many of the young architects that I work with are women and this has giving me a chance to be the mentor to them that I never had and an advocate for the dreams others told them they couldn’t own”

Most recently, Agustina was selected as a “Mentor” by the City of New York among hundreds of pre-screened candidates. This recognition places Agustina among the most successful women in business in what is arguably, one the most competitive cities in the world and provides her with platform to be a voice on behalf of thousands of female entrepreneurs. As part of her new role, she will be conducting workshops, participating in panel discussion, speaking engagements as well as representing the city in various media and civic events.